Bio-Enzymatic Kennel & Floor Wash Concentrate

Bio-Enzymatic Kennel & Floor Wash Concentrate

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The Clean Vet Bio-Enzymatic Kennel & Floor Wash is one of our most popular products.  Formulated with environmentally preferred ingredients, it is a non-rinse, pleasantly scented daily deodorizer that is designed with carefully selected, superior quality strains of soil and odor eliminating enzymatic digestors. When introduced to the affected area, the digestors attack and the feast begins. It is highly effective on urine and feces causing odors, vomit and animal dander. The treated surface will immediately begin the process of biodegradation which will eliminate the odor causing bacteria and leave behind an odor neutral fragrance.

Implementing Bio-Enzymatic Kennel & Floor Wash to your routine cleaning practices will provide kennel and animal housing areas free from organic matter and soils.  It will also control unwanted insects and other pests while yielding a clean, sanitary and deodorized area for human and animal inhabitants and works amazing as an economical daily full facility floor wash.

For highly soiled areas, a pre-treatment of The Clean Vet Power Cleaner is recommended and can be applied with a trigger spray bottle, pump sprayer, spray gun or mop and bucket.

1 Gallon

Yields 64 gallons of Ready To Use Product.  That's just 36 cents per gallon.


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