Our story starts off with my love for dogs.  My husband however, growing up in a tiny apartment never had any pets.  We started our lives together with two wonderful Jack Russel Terriers who quickly became our family and we met some really great veterinary professionals along the way.
My family, routed in facility maintenance has provided me a keen eye when entering any building or space...  what do I see, what do I smell and what can be done better to improve the quality of the customer experience.  Our businesses provide the livelihoods for ourselves and our dedicated employees.  We compete for customers every day both consciously and unconsciously and your patrons evaluate their visit and expect the finest experience.  
After countless research and interviewing animal care professionals, we found the common need for a simple distribution resource to your wonderful industry.  Veterinarian owners and business managers all welcomed our expertise to improve their spaces in an area where they were not the professionals.   
We are proud to introduce The Clean Vet, a family owned company providing fine quality and competitively priced environmentally responsible maintenance products with the safety of your family and practice in mind.
Viv & Tony