My passion for dogs ignited the spark for our journey. While my husband, raised in a small apartment, never had pets, we welcomed two Jack Russell Terriers into our lives, and they quickly became cherished members of our family. Along the way, we encountered exceptional veterinary professionals who shared our love for animals.

My family background in facility maintenance instilled in me a keen eye for evaluating spaces. I instinctively observe and assess what I see, smell, and how these aspects can be enhanced to elevate customer experience.

Through extensive research and conversations with animal care professionals, we recognized the need for a simplified distribution channel within the animal care industry. Veterinarians and business managers welcomed our expertise in improving their spaces, an area where they may not have specialized knowledge.

With immense pride, we introduce The Clean Vet, a family-owned company dedicated to providing high-quality, eco-friendly maintenance products, which prioritize the safety of your family, pets and practice.

Viv & Tony