Peroxide Surface Cleaner Concentrate

Peroxide Surface Cleaner Concentrate

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The Clean Vet Peroxide Surface Cleaner is a U.S. EPA “Safer Choice” certified, highly concentrated cleaner deodorizer. It combines the oxygen-activated properties of Hydrogen Peroxide, proprietary surfactants and wetting agents that on contact, begin pathogen degradation by oxidizing and breaking down soils naturally.

Its environmentally responsible chemistry yields an amazing, biodegradable multi-tasked
product for use on examination tables, floors, kennels, cages, restroom surfaces, furniture, cabinets and walls. Utilizing proper cleaning techniques, it will penetrate and emulsify animal related soils to leave a clean fresh surface.

We recommend Peroxide Surface Cleaner as the vital pre-cleaning component to our KLEEN 64 disinfectant for a proper and thorough disinfecting process.

This concentrated formulation of our ready-to-use product can be utilized to refill trigger spray bottles or pump sprayers and can be diluted through wall mounted or hand dilution control devices.

1 Gallon

Makes 256 Ready To Use quarts.  Amazingly economical at just 11 cents per quart..

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